Why get a massage from a Physiotherapist?


Article by Rhys Veen


Published in 2023



Did you know that approximately 1.71 billion people worldwide suffer from musculoskeletal conditions? These conditions often affect areas such as the lower back, neck, shoulders, and knees. As physiotherapists, we encounter these injuries daily and possess an in-depth understanding of the human body.

Our Approach:
At Veen Physiotherapy in Bunbury, WA, we provide systematic soft tissue massage, leveraging our extensive knowledge of the human body. Whether the goal is to lengthen muscles or alleviate pain, we tailor the pressure to your specific needs. Massage therapy is typically administered early in the rehabilitation process to provide pain relief. It has been endorsed as a preferred treatment for various conditions, including stress, musculoskeletal disorders, and pregnancy. We firmly believe that in conjunction with exercise therapy, massage can effectively alleviate your symptoms.

The Science Behind Massage:
Current studies have highlighted the clear benefits of receiving a massage if you are experiencing musculoskeletal pain. Our approach is informed by evidence-based practices, ensuring that you receive the most effective treatment.

Our Services: At Veen Physiotherapy in Bunbury, WA, we offer a range of massage services, including:

  1. Pre and Post-Game Flushes: Ideal for athletes looking to prepare or recover from their sporting endeavors.
  2. Sports Massage: Tailored for individuals engaged in sports and physical activities.
  3. Therapy Massages: Designed to target specific musculoskeletal issues.
  4. Relaxation Massages: Geared towards stress relief and relaxation.

At Veen Physiotherapy in Bunbury, WA, we provide a comprehensive approach to managing musculoskeletal conditions. Our expertise in physiotherapy and massage therapy allows us to address your specific needs and alleviate pain. Whether you’re seeking pre-game preparation, sports-specific massages, therapy-based treatments, or relaxation sessions, we have the services to cater to your requirements.


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